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if you have any question please read below to find the answer :
1- What do you know about papyrus?
2- What is the story of papyrus?
3- is there any country other than Egypt produces papyrus?
4- Why you are selling with this low price?
5- Can you sell a sample?
6- is there any guarantee? And what about the return policy?
7- What is the payment method?

Q1- What do you know about papyrus?
Papyrus is the paper which made from a plant called (swamp planet). In the past, thousands of years ago People were used to writing many of different material Like crust trees or tanned cow And other, Even been discovered Plant grows on the banks of the Nile in the Delta in Egypt it has been named papyrus. And the plant has become since then one of the best surfaces used in writing. And according to some natural history books the thickness of the stem of this plant underwater is up to the thickness of the human hand and a length of it is about three feet or one meter these strips were placed on top of each other in the vertical directions then immersed in the waters of the Nile then dried in the sun and then shines. Finally cutting to sheet's edges between 25 to 30 cm in length. And for the long texts can make sheets between 6 to 10 meter and up to 40 meter. Papyrus has been manufactured in Alexandria, Egypt. And then exported to many countries of the Mediterranean the Alexandria has been characterized as a long time for the economic trade papyrus.

Q2- What is the story of papyrus?
The first discovered Papyrus are ancient Egyptians, since the five thousand a year and there have been many ways of writing but the discovery of the Papyrus was a huge leap in this area at that time. Papyrus until the twelfth century is the key to keeping the writings of clerics and literature, philosophy, medicine, science, art and history. Papyrus production continued until now monopolized by the Egyptian state, which is surrounded by a secret method of production and, during the Pharaonic the papyrus was the first product in the export and have also been used as a swap. Continued like this until the tenth century, when the Arabs came to Egypt and brought the Chinese paper, but the Chinese paper was very simple for the methods which make them Papyrus, It was also much cheaper. now, the Papyrus is produced in a small quantities in Egypt for tourism purposes.

Q3- is there any country other than Egypt produces papyrus?
There is no country in the world produces original papyrus except Egypt and Papyrus sales represent 20% of the sales of tourism in Egypt .

Q4- Why you are selling with this low price?
I am selling the original papyrus with low price because I am live in the nearest of workshop that it is cultivate & making papyrus art and all products handcrafted .

Q5- Can you sell a sample?
Although I do not sell retail, But if you are a new customer and need to know the quality of the product before buy, I welcome your, you can to buy 10 Egyptian papyrus Art (30 x 40) cm of random sample for only $95 + (Free Shipping). the samples must be paid via PayPal or Credit Card only. if you want to purchase a sample Click Here.

Q6- is there any guarantee? And what about the return policy?
Despite the strong desire for customer satisfaction and Despite the regret if the customer decided to return the merchandise for any reason but I have no choice other than his desire to meet. according to the following:
- Buyer have 30 days no risk refund guarantee after the Papyrus receipt.
- The returned item must in original condition and send back to me.
- I will deduct 20% freight cost.

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Q7- What is the Payment Method?
I Accept PayPal via, All major of Credit Cards, I Accept also Western Union, Bank Transfer, Personal Check, and Escrow. for more information about payment please Click here.


I ship to worldwide. I usually ship within 48 hours after the payment is cleared, the product is delivered to you within 5 - 8 business days upon your location.
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